Hello, my name is Noelle and these are my tidbits.

If you have landed here, happy tidings darling, you’ve come a long way. Perhaps you made a wrong turn somewhere, or maybe you are a ghost. Whatever the means, you are welcome to all good things and I am your gracious host.

The following points are a condensed narration for those who wish to take a peek into my psyche:

I have been creating at the bits with words and stitches for about 3 decades now. My creative compulsions consume me. There is a story in everything.

I am descended from a long line of creators, growers, and wood-loving makers. I was raised by women who made delicious, beautiful, and functional things out of nothing. They hemmed, sewed, stitched, and grew gardens. Clothes, food, art; they made their own. Working with thread is my restorative connection to those women and the stories that came before me.

I live in the Oregon City woods with my loving David and dear daughter, Bird. We have a cat called Susan and a dog named Sherlock. It is our home, the Robins run it. We call it Robinwood. It has been one of the greatest honors of my small life to learn from this land. We talk a lot and the deer swing by to say good morning and good night. I do a lot of consorting with trees.

My Inspirey
My passions take purpose with the following:
My Family & Baseball
James Hillman & Bill Murray
Old Words & The Moon
Verbena & Maple
The Past & Listening
Bernina Sewing Machines
The Stars at Night & Early Mornings
Learning & Listening

I take great pleasure in the little moments between things when life is happening. Nothing is mundane or ordinary, everyone has a story. If you see something that pleases you or you’d like something new, send me a hello. I’d be honored to stitch a tale for you.

E: noelle.labrousse@gmail.com

My Other Selves

The Shop

The Original City Apothecary is a collective online boutique. Art, herbs, and other creative good are housed here.

Seeds & Stars

Herbteller is about connecting celestial dots with the composition of herbal teas and tinctures. It’s also about a lot more than that.

Herbteller is in the apothecary and on Etsy here.

The Hub

The Good Dossier is my main site where all the worlds collide.

Design & Copy

I have been creating content for Artists, Realtors and small business buckaroos for 20 years. Visit Watson Proxy for more details.