The Ceremoment is designed for devotional and ceremonial commitments. The art of ritual has played a significant role in transformation and transcendence throughout time. It still does today. If you are seeking a formal dedication to accomplish a goal or personal transformation, the ceremoment is one enchanted way.

Light the candle, sip some tea, and take a ceremoment.

The following key ingredients combine to create the mediation you seek:


Old books, long lectures, and copious amounts of research are fundamental to the practice of all good Stitchtellers. A strong focus on mythology, religion, and history helps. Poetry is handy as well.


Every word counts and the alignment matters. Choose wisely.


Herbs speak in the language of feeling and every plant has a significant life of its own. The Stitchteller respects the spirit of the herb in the animate world. Herbtentions are composed with a ritual understanding of this meaning.


The most important ingredient is intention. Yours, to be exact. Intention is the fuel that moves the fire. It is the sun. How strong it shines will determine your intended outcome.