Herbs are our greatest teachers and our gracious healers. They tell us the time, predict the weather and hold our temper. They can restore us and enlighten us. They can also destroy us. Working with the earth requires an animate understanding of the life emerging from it. Once we learn its language we can make use of it. Herbs speak in feelings. The sting of the nettle and the soft leaf of sage are both provocative and enduring in different ways. Each herb has something to say. Those who came before us understood this. In turn, they gave each herb various names and assigned them use. I carry these interpretations and look to the herb directly for advice.

I accompany my studies and this work via the creation and composition of herbal blends. I call them herbtentions. The following herbtentions have been concocted for intentional purposes. One would be well-advised to handle them honorably with an open heart and great care.

The Zodiac series is comprised of 12 individual herbtentions. Each blend has been carefully composed in accordance with their astrological roots based on Archetypal qualities. We are guided by the stars.