Good Things

The newsletter is officially 50 issues old. In order to celebrate properly, I’ve challenged myself to make a list of as many good things as I can in 15 minutes. Here it goes in no particular order of importance:

  1. Mr. Newman

2. Snow Days

3. The Public Domain

4. Podcasts ripe for the pickin

5. The Ocean: My Happy Sad Place

6. Neil Gaiman

7. Bubly Blackberry Sparkling Water

8. Louise Gluck

9. Home

10. Working from home

11. Watching TV with my Bird (Psych & The Gilmore Girls)

12. My Bird

13. Electricity

14. The hope is spreading.

15. Sharing

16. Bowling

17. Plot Walls

18. Animals who take themselves very seriously.

19. Baseball

20. Scraps of Fabric

21. National Parks

22. Mr. Bill Murray

23. The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds

24. Earmuffs

25. Nosewarmers

26. Running into a woman at the grocery store wearing a nosewarmer just like yours.

27. The Marie Kondo impact: there is a lot of good stuff at the Goodwill these days. Thanks Marie!

28. The Sew Cool machine.

29. Hamsters in capes.

30. The 211

31. This dog saved this woman’s life.

32. Susan the Cat

33. Cold Justice: Cold Case Heroes

times up…

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