The Ground Apple

Working with Chamomile on a Full Moon

Appreciation for the small things can make a huge difference in our lives. It has in mine. The Ground Apple is one of these small-big things. Chamomile is a paradigm-shifting-grounding machine. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Vikings honored its restorative and spiritual prowess. It can protect you, center you, and bring good fortune your way. I don’t share the rituals I compose until I test them but I hang out with this guy every day. The following outline will give you a ritual idea on how to meet and honor the Whig Plant in a ceremonious way.

Ground Apple Enchantment
  1. Ask permission. If granted, pick the plant.
    Speak to the plant and thank it before you pluck it. It will feel funny to ask aloud and it is humorous until the day it’s not. That day is a very important day, take note.
  2. Prepare it with intention.
    If you are performing a ritual, light the appropriate candles and/or incense. Make your intention known. Enlist you source or deity (if you prefer it) to consecrate your actions. Recite your enchantment and make it so.
  3. Reflect and Release
    Take in the quiet where you can find it. Allow your senses to navigate. Touch, taste, and listen to your world in this moment. How does it feel? If something feels out of place or in your way, this is the time to release it. Let it go.

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