The New Shelf – Self – Shelf

One of the new shelves-selves

If someone told me that by 2019, I would be immersed in a world of Alchemy, reading ancient Greek texts and talking to plants, I’d say thanks for the laugh you laughy-laugh laugher-laugh. I would have pointed to my shelves of poetry and story to defend my utter inability to comprehend the notion. I would insist that we all stand up to science with the only power we have, art!

In my righteous indignation, I excluded myself entirely from my natural abilities and strayed. I threw my cards down in the usual society-approved ways. I was a Real Estate Agent for a hot minute, a banker, a bookstore owner, and an event thrower. I’ve been a coffee girl, a manager, and a small business owner. I’ve played the roles, so it goes.

But then something happened. A strange wind rushed in unlike the others. It had a more serious howl. It was demanding my attention. Priorities shifted from laughing my way through it to figuring it out. Health became a focus. I have a profound allergic reaction to small talk, bullshit, and almost all medications. When I get sick, I have to wait it out and I get to feel every little bit of it. This dastardly disposition has kept me in suspension and at times, very afraid. For the most part, I’ve abandoned the old insecurities and nativities, but this one thing can’t be tossed out. It’s my body’s stubborn refusal of modern medicine, and it’s here to stay. My Taurus sun and Libra moon won’t have it any other way.

So I’ve taken up herbal medicine and my paradigm has monumentally shifted. My shelves are lined with the tenants of the past made for our future. I have changed.

As above So below
planted a seed
in my soul.
The wind said change
so I did.
I’m still here.
Sew it goes.

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