Loose Threads

Aloofly scattered should be my nickname. It’s apt indeed. I do a lot of things. We all do. Making a wage of creative pursuits calls for a bit of mania and so I comply, live with the seasons say I. In an attempt to consolidate the scraps and tie up loose ends, I am making this gesture of a blog a commitment to begin again.

Should you follow along (and I hope you do) here is a brief list of what I intend to do:

Share my meanderings, my thoughts and things.
Share herbal insight and put that Clinical Herbalism certification to use.
Share the art because hey, why not.
Share the wee poems that beg to be written.
Stitch the tales and whatnot.

I write this now with the courageous intention to be a little more vulnerable, a little more open, a little more personal than I have been in the past. Privacy and solitude are two of my closest companions but we could all use more friends. In the end, I hope to be of some use without much ado.

Thank you friends and as ever, Only Good Things to You,

2 thoughts on “Loose Threads”

  1. Oh happy day! Your voice (wordstyle) is most welcome!!!

    This time of year the mycelial threads start to hum underground, searching for roots to partner …


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