All the old masters looking downcould not foresee her victory.We still can’t see it now.Scarlet-eyed and spellbound. Blinded and discarded.The knowing ones do weave.Salvage the thread.Cherish the seed. “She is returning”“She is returning”“She is returning” They chant it endlessly. to be continued…

Loose Threads

Aloofly scattered should be my nickname. It’s apt indeed. I do a lot of things. We all do. Making a wage of creative pursuits calls for a bit of mania and so I comply, live with the seasons say I. In an attempt to consolidate the scraps and tie up loose ends, I am making… Continue reading Loose Threads


Look first to the trees, they know better than you.If you ask nicely, they will guide you.If you sing to them, they will give life to you. Watch the stream wrap around you.Let the rain drop. Soak it all in.You are here to begin again. The cave keeps its secrets. We all do.The light inside… Continue reading Elder

what to know

When it’s time, you’ll know. But what will you’ll know? Pain surely, you’ll know that. And the sting of what’s gone unsaid, ouch and ping. A torn tendon and maybe something broken, a leg, a marriage, your will. Oh, perhaps you’ll know about the stars and the dead philosophies that make sense of lingering. You’ll… Continue reading what to know

40 for 40

I make these lists year by year of the lessons I’ve learned and the truths that I’ve found. I make them in order to track my age and forge an alliance with myself. This little annual inventory is taken from my blog, Dearbird at 38. Looking back at it now, it rings true for 40… Continue reading 40 for 40

3|20 Early Spring

The art of the soundless is shining.A beam of the ancient is calling.The ground below is grumbling.We were lost before.We are found now.

The art of Astrology

As I venture deeper and deeper into the vast and complicated world of the cosmos, I become undeniably convinced that true astrology at its best is not fortune telling. It’s pattern recognition. It builds the bridge between myth, emotion, and mind. Then it asks us to courageously cross it. Who among us would willingly grace… Continue reading The art of Astrology


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